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Flair Camp started back in Portugal back in 2012.  We are now in our 8th year.  This is the best week of the year in bartending. You get to learn so much for the highest grade teachers in flair, mixology and bartending in general.

We have campere from all over the world so you’ll make friends for life and have an experience like no other.

Flair Camp is made to bring people together for learning and an amazing experience. It’s like a bartenders holiday.

Everyone is welcome no matter if you’re a complete  beginner or a pro. We even have a package (FUN PACKAGE) if you want to bring your girlfriend or someone that just wants to come for fun.


To have a week you will never forget. Plenty of flair bartender, sun, fun enriched with Mixology and bartending skills from industry professionals.
You will meet like minded people from all over the world and make friends for life. Of course, the world famous Flair Camp boat party will be there and our very own international Flair Bartending Competition.

At Flair Camp we are all about providing you with the best experience and the highest level in teaching for you to achieve your goals and become a better flair bartender all around. Don’t wait, book your spot today.


Tom Dyer


Tom is a two time Gold Level WFA Grand Slam Champion along with other World Titles and 12 UK Titles under his belt. He has trained over thousands of bartenders world wide, and currently runs 5 schools with the European Bartender School in London, Milan, Rome, Paris and Cape Town. You can normally find him travelling the world giving talks on bartending & flair, training, or simply enjoying the wonderful world of bartending. Co Founder of the World Flair Association he basically wrote the book for the WFA Gradings and Flair Bartender Training.

Tomek Malek


Tomek is the only person to win the accredited Roadhouse World Finals 4 times, and the WFA Grand Slam World Championships 4 times, also giving him the Gold Level WFA Grading. He has won a whole host of other international competitions all over the globe and performed more tandem shows (with Marek) than any other duo for brands, Television shows, and concerts making them a household name in the home country, Poland. You can normally find Tomek at his Cocktail bar in Warsaw “The Roots” along with working for brands such as Belvedere and recently becoming the WFA Grand Slam Co-Ordinator.

Marek Posluszny


Marek has a very unique flair style and is has helped him also win many World Championship titles, x2 of which were at the IBA Final, x1 WFA Grand Slam, x2 Bacardi World Championships & x1 Skyy Global – also giving him Gold Level and of course the Roadhouse World Championship in 2017. (There are only 3 Gold Level WFA Gradings in the World and they are all here) Known for his creative style and fantastic showmanship, and as mentioned with Tomek, their two man flair show, his skills don’t stop there. His amazing garnishes have won him awards, and his perfectionist attitude really inspires many other across the planet. On top of all that he is the face of Lubovski Vodka in Poland.

Pedro Garcia


Creator of the training system now used by the biggest bartender school in the world. The AeroFlair training system. Pedro has trained and passed thousands of bartenders in the Gradings over the years and continues to pass on his knowledge to his new team of bartenders. Pedro is Spain’s answer to bartending and flair. After being Spanish Champion and ranked in the top 20 flair bartenders world wide for 3 years running, he now focuses his time on improving the bartending skill set around Spain. Pedro is the most decorated WFA Examiner, conducting over 500 grading tests so far. He has developed a revolutionary way to teach flair known as Aeroflair, which you will learn about at Flair Camp and is currently a Green Level, although we have been reassured he will be a Blue level very soon.

Jumbles St Pierre


Ex UK Champion, WFA Purple Level and once 6th best in the world. Jumbles joined the team 2 years ago and brings a different angle to learning how to flair. With his lessons on choreography with music, learning how to flow, liquid manipulation and his legendary finger rolls Jumbles will help you with the links and the small details of your flair along with how to put it all together in a a way that looks awesome. Jumbles brings a different teaching style to most and really helps you break down the essence of your flair and you can improve. He will help you with your creativity and the thought process that goes into creating new moves.



This is our resident Legend. Pepe works behind the scenes to help make Flair Camp happen. He has skills in flair and also works as a bartender at Siroko Beach. He is a Yes man and can do Anything!

Jean-Marc Pothuier

The current and 3 time French Champion. Jean-Marc has been a regular at Flair Camp for 6 years now and has always been on hand there to help other campers. So much so we decided to make him and official Flair Camp teacher. One of the few Flair Bartenders still working a regular bar job, he not only has insane flair skills, but supreme cocktail knowledge and fantastic bartending skills. Jean-Marc has trained hundreds of bartenders over his 10+ year career and we are super excited to have him join our team.

Full Package


Fun Package


Includes everything but no training

Local Package


for local bartenders (no accommodation)

What is included in Full Package price:

  • Flair Bartender Training from the best in the world
  • An experience like no other
  • Free ticket to the Legendary Flair Camp boat party.
  • Mixology training from Industry experts
  • Accommodation included
  • Full Buffet Breakfast every morning
  • Mediterranean Lunch every day.
  • The best T-shirt you will ever put on
  • Free Entry to the Flair Competition


You will be accommodated in 4-star *BlueBay Banus Hotel*  on the Costa del Sol. Located in the exclusive area of Puerto Banus, just a few metres from Mistral Beach.